Partners for Democratic Change Serbia

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Partners Serbia Accounting Procurement and Administrative Procedures Manual (pdf.)


Basic Training for Mediators Organized in Belgrade

Partners Serbia trained 28 new mediators.


Commercial court’s Judges and Judicial Assistants finished Training for Mediators

Partners Serbia trained 22 new mediators within the project “Commercial Mediation in Serbia”


Partners Serbia Present “Mediation in Law Schools in Serbia” Report

this Report will further support development of new mediation programs in law schools.


Conference Commercial Mediation as Dispute Prevention and Resolution Tool

The Conference was attended by over 140 participants.


Trainings for Inspectors Organized in Belgrade and Borsko jezero

The training was attended by over 50 inspectors from over 10 inspectorates.


Opening ceremony of the Mediation Center of the Bar Association of Cacak

The opening ceremony was attended by over 30 attorneys, judges, local government representatives, as well as the media


Conference Protection of Privacy and Presumption of Innocence in the Media

The conference was used to further raise awareness on the necessity to improve transparency in the work of public institutions


Last training of Public Enforcement Officers in the fields of financial management organized in Belgrade

Partners Serbia organized in Belgrade, last training of public enforcement officers


Mediation Advocacy Training Organized in Belgrade

During the training, 36 lawyers had the opportunity to improve their knowledge and mediation advocacy skills