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Debate with students of Belgrade Open School


Raising Capacities of the Network of Inspectors of Serbia

26 Members of NIS management attended the strategic planning in Vrnjacka Banja


Improve the Protection of the Right to Access to Information of Public Importance

The findings of the research on transparency of information and the use of mechanisms for free access to information were presented


PROJECT: Strengthening Capacities of the Network of Inspectors of Serbia

The overall goal of this Project is to improve the quality of inspection oversight and communication between inspectors and subject of the inspection oversight


PROJECT: Defending the Right to Access to Information in Serbia

The aim of this ten-month initiative is to contribute to the improvement of citizens’ understanding and awareness of the right to free access to information of public importance through an intensive public campaign


Analysis of the Limits of Public Officials’ Privacy

The access to information held by public authorities is one of the corner stones of an open and democratic society based on the rule of law. Likewise, democratic societies rest on the guarantees and effective mechanisms of protection of the citizens’ right to privacy. These very principles – transparent operation of authorities and protection of citizens’ privacy – represent important indicators for the recognition of a society’s level of democracy.


Preserving the Achieved Level of the Public’s Right to Know

Presented results of the project “Initiative for Transparent Information on Public Officials”

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Public Call for CSOs

Improving transparency and accountability of public authorities in local communities

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PROJECT: Future of Freedom of Information in Serbia

This two-year Action supports active involvement of CSOs and young people (university students) to defend the right of the public to know, in order to entrench implementation of transparency and accountability standards in Serbia

PROJECT: Initiative for Transparent Information on Public Officials

Partners Serbia are implementing a project aimed at strengthening democratic practices and institutions by improving the implementation of the right to access to information of public importance that relates to public officials. The Project especially contributes to: Proper understanding and finding the balance between the right to personal data protection and the right to access… | More ›