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Mediation Advocacy Training Organized in Kragujevac(0)


36 lawyers had the opportunity to improve their mediation advocacy skills


Presentation “The Role of Lawyers in Mediation” Organized in Subotica

The basic principles of mediation and the legal framework for mediation in Serbia were presented to the attendees


Partners Serbia Welcomes Fulbright Scholar Oriana LaVilla

Miss LaVilla comes from PartnersGlobal, where she managed grants focused on social cohesion, human rights and civil society development

Beograd - sajt TLJ

Basic Training for Mediators in Belgrade

The training will be organized from 2 to 6 October 2018


Presentation “The Role of Lawyers in Mediation” Organized in Pancevo

Over 30 judges, attorneys and legal trainees attended the event

Novi Sad

New Basic Training for Mediators in Novi Sad

The training will be held from 20 to 24 June 2018 at the hotel Aurora


Basic Training for Mediators Organized in Nis

The participants were judges and judicial assistants of commercial courts


Analysis of the Limits of Public Officials’ Privacy

The access to information held by public authorities is one of the corner stones of an open and democratic society based on the rule of law. Likewise, democratic societies rest on the guarantees and effective mechanisms of protection of the citizens’ right to privacy. These very principles – transparent operation of authorities and protection of citizens’ privacy – represent important indicators for the recognition of a society’s level of democracy.


New Privacy Rules in the EU – Here Comes the GDPR

GDPR affects EU residents, institutions and business primarily

Group photo

Basic Training for Mediators Organized in Belgrade

Partners Serbia trained 28 new mediators