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Transparency and access to information of public importance


Ensuring Accountable and Transparent Work of Publicly Owned Corporations

Partners Serbia analysed ways of gathering information about the work of publicly owned corporations


Mechanisms for the Protection of Right to Free Access to Information

Partners Serbia conducted research on the work of Administrative Inspectorate and misdemeanor courts


Seven Student Debates Organized within the FFIS Project

More than 200 students and local youth participated in debates in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Nis and Becej


Two-day Workshop for Students within the FFIS Project

Once again we gathered students from three faculties in Serbia


Who is Defending the Public in Serbia?

The caricature exhibition marked the end of the Future of Freedom of Information in Serbia project

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Stories Resulting from Students’ Research within the FFIS Project

40 students of journalism and communicology have developed nineteen research papers/videos

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Can a Plane Fly without a Pilot?

The New and Old Problems of the New Commissioner


Public-private Partnerships and Access to Information of Public Importance

Legal framework and practice


Public Procurement and Access to Information of Public Importance

With a special focus on the transparency of public procurement in health care