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New Privacy Rules in the EU – Here Comes the GDPR(0)


GDPR affects EU residents, institutions and business primarily


Conference Protection of Privacy and Presumption of Innocence in the Media

The conference was used to further raise awareness on the necessity to improve transparency in the work of public institutions


Conference: Protection of Privacy and Presumption of Innocence in the Media

The Conference will be held on April 19, 2017, at the Belgrade Media Center

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Personal Data Protection Training for Medical Institutions Organized in Belgrade

Ana Toskic and Uros Misljenovic from Partners Serbia participated at tre training organized by the Commissioner..

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Identities and Traces in Virtual Space – The Right to be Forgotten and the ECJ

Lecture by Uros Misljenovic and Ana Toskic at the Belgrade Open School


Personal Data Protection Training Organized in Belgrade

The training was held for public enforcement officers, lawyers, public notaries and bankruptcy administrators


New Training on Personal Data Protection

The training was organized by the Commissioner with the support of the Kingdom of Norway


Students Monitor Protection of Privacy and Presumption of Innocence in the Media

A group of nine students will participate in the research that will particularly address the difference in online and offline media reporting


Two Trainings on Personal Data Protection organized by the Commissioner

The trainings were held for representatives of prosecutor’s offices, MoI, SIA and private security companies

Transparency and Privacy in Court Decisions

Transparency and Privacy in Court Decisions

The access to information in the possession of public authorities represents one of the foundations of an open and democratic society based on the rule of law. In terms of court decisions, the access to such information represents a mechanism for the realization of the procedural rights of participants in court proceedings, as well as for the achievement of transparency of the work of courts, which can considerably improve the public confidence in the judiciary.