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Workshop “Mediation in Discrimination Cases”, 28 and 29 March, Vrnjacka Banja

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During 28 and 29 of April Partners Serbia in cooperation with the Commissioner for Protection of Equality (Commissioner) and supported by the Sigrid Rausing Trust organize a workshop “Mediation in Discrimination Cases”. The aim of the workshop is to provide further support to local mediators and empowering them to become more involved in facilitating and solving community conflicts.

The workshop will gather mediators who are specifically trained for conducting mediation in discrimination cases and case managers within the Commissioner’s office. On this occasion, we will focus on reflecting our knowledge so far and exchanging experiences, and above all on connecting and strengthening cooperation between mediators and Commissioner’s office, in order to improve the practice of referring the cases and resolving them in a peaceful manner.

Part of the workshop will be dedicated to promoting mediation in local communities, primarily in those with a large number of marginalized groups and the lowest percent of filed complaints to the Commissioner.

The workshop will be led by the experienced mediators Dragana Cuk Milankov and Vera Despotovic.

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