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Workshop “Consensual Financial Restructuring”, Belgrade

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CFR photo 1On October 30, Partners Serbia and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia organized a workshop “Consensual Financial Restructuring of Companies” in Belgrade.

The seminar was attended by the representatives of banks, companies, attorneys, auditors, financial advisors and mediators.

Workshop is a part of the project “Support for Effective Implementation of the Consensual Financial Restructuring Law in Serbia” (the Project), which, in cooperation with CCIS and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), is implemented by the international consortium consisting of Partners Serbia, Law Office Andric, EMA Global (USA) and ADR Center (Italy). The aim of the Project is to improve the implementation of  Consensual Financial Restructuring procedure within the CCIS, which is the Institutional Mediator authorized by the Law.

Agenda (Serbian) (.pdf)

Invitation letter (Serbian) (.pdf)

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