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Project: Regional E-learning Project

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brrlnPartners Serbia begins implementing the “Regional E-Learning Project” supported by the Balkan Regional Rule of Law Network (BRRLN), within the RFA to Support Rule of Law and Strengthen Defense Advocacy and member states of the BRRLN. The Project aims at improving the system of continuing legal education (CLE) through the development of on-line training programs for advocates, advocate trainees and other legal professionals in the territory covered BRRLN – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia. The Project began on July 2nd 2015 and will last for 12 months. It is implemented in partnership with the Bar Association of Serbia and the Bar Association of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Project will begin by establishing the Program Council consisting of representatives of bar associations from the region, who are also experts in the CLE. They will develop the lecturing methodology and define the topics that will be covered under the program, which will include, inter alia, protection of human rights in criminal proceedings, application of the European Convention for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the European Court of Human Rights.

Professional trainers from each of the countries in the region will then record their lectures, which will be uploaded to the on-line platform, including a pilot blended learning course.

In addition, the Project provides for the training of administrative staff in bar associations, who will be responsible for providing support during the registration and use of the E-learning platforms, as well as to maintain the future E-learning platform within their own individual chambers.

Regional E-learning program will be free of charge, available at any time and in any place to all interested advocates, advocate trainees and other interested legal experts from the region. The program will be promoted both through the on-line campaigns and through presentations in each of the chambers in the region. After the completion of the Project, the regional E-learning platform will remain active and will be used as a tool for CLE of advocates and advocate trainees in the region.

All news related to this Project can be seen HERE.

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