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PROJECT: Transparency and Privacy in Court Decisions

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pravosudje1In April 2015 Partners Serbia commenced the implementation of the project “Transparency and Privacy in Court Decisions”. The project is funded by the USAID program Judicial Reform and Government Accountability (JRGA) and will be implemented during the period of 12 months. The aim of the project is to improve transparency and public access to court decisions in Serbia while implementing personal data protection (PDP) standards.

At the beginning of the Project, Partners Serbia will conduct an assessment of the existing policies, procedures and practice in the field of access to information and PDP in Serbian courts. In order to contribute to harmonization of practices in Serbian courts in respect of anonymization of court decisions, Partners Serbia will establish and facilitate a multi-stakeholder expert group to draft a Model Rulebook for Standards of Anonymization of Court Decisions.

The Model Rulebook will be submitted to relevant public institutions and offered for enactment, while Serbian courts will be provided with a valuable resource that includes guidelines for practical implementation of transparency and privacy standards when making courts’ decisions available to general public.

All news related to this Project can be seen HERE.

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