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PROJECT: Protection of Privacy and Presumption of Innocence in the Media

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In 2015 Partners Serbia commenced the implementation of the project “Protection of Privacy and Presumption of Innocence in the Media”The Project is funded by the Open Society Foundation Serbia.

During the first phase of the Project, the work of printed, electronic and online media was monitored to assess the level of compliance with relevant legal framework; the work of public institutions authorised to prevent and sanction information leakage to the media was assessed. Findings of the analysis are available in the final project publication

The second phase of the Project commenced in 2016. The Project is implemented in cooperation with the Association of Public Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutors of Serbia and the Media Department of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. A working group comprising of public prosecutors and deputy public prosecutors will be established to develop a plan of data protection measures in public prosecutorial offices. The work of the media will be further monitor with regards to protection of privacy and presumption of innocence, and differences in online and offline reporting.

All news related to this Project can be seen HERE.

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