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Discrimination in Serbia – panel discussion in Bajina Basta

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Panel discussion “Discrimination in Serbia: The Role of the Commissioner for the protection of equality” was organized on Tuesday, 28 June 2012, in the conference hall of the Municipality of Bajina Basta.

In an effort to support an open dialogue about discrimination in Serbia and the promotion of cooperation in the prevention of discrimination, the panel discussion aimed to inform the public about the authorities and working methods of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality (CPE) in the protection from all forms of discrimination. Panel discussion topics also included issues of possible ways to encourage citizens to respond to cases of discrimination, specifics of the Bajina Basta local community when it comes to forms of discrimination, position of disabled persons in Bajina Basta, as well as on the role of the institutions of social care in prevention of discrimination.

The presenters at the panel discussion were: Branko Ćirković, advisor at the CPE Department for normative and legal issues, Dragana Ćuk Milankov, president of Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CARS) and Latinka Vasić from the Organization of blind and partialy sighted people  Bajina Bašta. The discussion was moderated by Ana Toskić, representative of Partners for Democratic Change Serbia (Partners Serbia).

Around 20 representatives of local self-government, civil society organizations, social work centers, police administration and institutions of education from Bajina Basta and surrounding attended the panel.

The panel discussion in Bajina Basta is a part of the Partnership for Tolerance and Anti-Discrimination Protection in Serbia, aimed to improve the system of protection against discrimination in Serbia and contribute to building social cohesion. The project is implemented by Partners Serbia and CARS, with the support of the EU Delegation in Serbia, and in cooperation with the CPE.


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