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PROJECT: Serbia Pilot Court Mediation

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In December 2015, Partners Serbia, started with implementation of the Serbia Pilot Court Mediation Project that contributes to increased efficiency of the judiciary through reduction in the number of court cases and improved use of mediation for dispute resolution, by raising capacity of the pilot courts and the one bar association for the use of mediation before and during the court proceedings. The Project is supported through Matra Embassy Program funding, Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Project assists the Second Basic Court, Commercial Court in Belgrade, as well as the Basic and High Court in Cacak to develop an efficient internal mediation case-management system, create “Mediation Support Offices”, and conduct promotional activities in order to raise public awareness about the benefits of mediation. The project builds capacity of the Bar Association of Cacak, as a pilot bar association, to offer mediation services, and train lawyers to effectively represent their clients in mediation cases, thereby creating support for mediation from the bar and practicing attorneys, as the most common legal representatives in litigation cases. One of the central Project activities is to establish pilot “Mediation Support Offices/Services” in the target courts. The purpose of Mediation Offices will be to provide citizens and other court users with all necessary information and case-management services in order to enable their easier access to mediation when referred to by the courts.

All news related to this Project can be seen HERE.

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