Partners for Democratic Change Serbia

Organizational and personnel changes

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Partners for Democratic Change Serbia: Organizational and personnel changes

Partners Serbia is pleased to inform all associates and partners that, as a result of our successful work and development over the past 8 years, and the need for a new organizational structure that can enable  a wider scope of activities, more focused specialization, and increased demand for our services, the Assembly of the founders of Partners for Democratic Change Serbia, on May 25th, 2016, adopted a new Statute of the organization and introduced several personnel and organizational changes, necessary for continued development of our organization.

Ana Toskic picAna Toskic, a long time Project Manager of Partners Serbia has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the organization. Ana joined Partners Serbia in October 2010 and has since created and managed a number of successful projects in the area of regulatory reform, rule of law, democracy and human rights (including Criminal Defense Capacity Program, Support to the Implementation of the Consensual Financial Restructuring Law, Active Citizens against Corruption, Partnership for Tolerance and Anti-Discrimination in Serbia, etc). Ana holds a Master of Law degree (LLM) from the Belgrade University Law School. She is a certified mediator, specialized in discrimination and workplace harassment disputes.

In addition, the Managing Board of the organization was elected, and its members include the following founders of Partners Serbia: Blazo Nedic, Jelena Arsic, Dragan Joksimovic, Miodrag Stojadinovic and Vladan Simeunovic.

Blazo NedicBlazo Nedic, the first Program Director and President of the organization, was appointed the President of the Board of Partners Serbia.

We believe that these changes will contribute to the further development of our organization and achievement of our goals.  We are looking forward to continue cooperation with our current and new associates and partners, to jointly contribute to the development of the rule of law, and support to democracy and protection of human rights in Serbia and the region.

Cooperation and License Agreement with JAMS International

As a result of our years-long work in the field of mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and our cooperation and networking with renowned international organizations and groups, we are very pleased to announce the launch of a formal cooperation and License Agreement with JAMS International ( .

JAMS internationalJAMS International, headquartered in California, USA, was founded in 1979 and is the biggest private provider of mediation, arbitration and other ADR services in the USA. With over 300 prestigious mediators and arbitrators, JAMS is specialized in resolving complex commercial, property and other disputes in line with the highest professional standards in this field.

We are very pleased to become the first organization in this part of Europe to be affiliated with JAMS International. The work we have performed to date enabled us to become recognized as a relevant partner in this field, gaining the trust of JAMS International, the world leader in the field of mediation and ADR. For the purposes of this cooperation and implementation of the License Agreement, a new legal entity was formed – ADR Partners – as the first commercial entity in Serbia registered to provide mediation and ADR services.

adrp logoIn cooperation with JAMS International, ADR Partners will offer mediation and other ADR services, organize trainings of mediators, legal professionals and other interested parties, provide ADR consultancy and advisory services to public and private sector, and support development of internal mediation and ADR capacities in courts, businesses, professional associations and other stakeholders.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you in this area. For more information please visit ADR Partners website at

You can download the news HERE (.pdf)

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