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PROJECT: Training of Public Enforcement Officers

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izvrsiteljiPartners for Democratic Change Serbia (Partners Serbia), Chamber of Enforcement Officers, Judicial Academy, and USAID Business Enabling Project (USAID BEP), are implementing the program aimed at training public enforcement officers in the fields of financial management and mediation.

During this seven-month period, a series of training sessions for about 250 public enforcement officers will be organized, as follows: five training in the field of financial management for a total of 125 participants and five training on mediation for a total of 125 participants. Also, an additional training of trainers will be organized for around ten most successful participants who show an interest for additional training. The training program will be implemented from December 2016 to June 2017 in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis and Kragujevac.

The training program will include, among other things, the field of successful administration of officess of public enforcement officers, design and implementation of business plans, financial management and basic accounting. The mediation training will include topics such as out-of-court methods of dispute resolution, legal framework for the use of mediation in Serbia, the role of lawyers in mediation and the use of mediation in various stages of judicial proceedings. Also, participants will be introduced with the skills and techniques needed for conducting mediation, such as effective communication, negotiation and active listening. Finally, the program will include the area of methodology and teaching skills, so that the most successful participants can improve their training skills and transfer the knowledge obtained to their colleagues and associates.

The first training was held on December 8 and 9, at the Judicial Academy, for 17 public enforcement officers from Belgrade.

All news related to this Project are available HERE.

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