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Identities and Traces in Virtual Space – The Right to be Forgotten and the ECJ

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BOŠ_Foto 1 (1)Uros Misljenovic and Ana Toskic of Partners Serbia delivered a lecture titled “Identities and traces in virtual space – right to be forgotten and the European Court of Justice”, for students of Belgrade Open School on 8 March 2017.

Students were introduced to basic concepts of privacy in digital surrounding, legal and practical consequences of ECJ 2014 judgment in Costeja case, as well as the provision of the General Data Protection Regulation that provides the right to be forgotten to the EU citizens. Possibilities for an individual to protect their data online, both from the state and corporations’ were also discussed, as well as the issue of one’s control over his/her online identity. Through case studies and interactive exercises, students were also presented the possible consequences of aggregation or crossing of data by their controllers.

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