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Mediation Center of the Bar Association of Cacak – Opening Ceremony

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Bar Association of Cacak and Partners for Democratic Change Serbia

Cordially invite you to the opening ceremony of the

Mediation Center of the Bar Association of Cacak

on Monday, 24 April 2017, 13:00 – 15:00, at the Bar Association of Cacak,

Dragise Misovica 1/2, Cacak

 Through this Center, the first of its kind in Serbia, the Bar Association of Cacak will reach out to citizens, commercial entities, and all other users, providing them with quick, efficient and economical out-of-court dispute resolution services. Through a list of licensed mediators, and in coordination with all courts within its jurisdiction, the BA Cacak will offer mediation services suitable for various types of disputes, in accordance with provisions of the Law on Mediation in Dispute Resolution. The Center will also provide information on the benefits of mediation, assistance with selection of cases suitable for mediation, which will enable users to gain easier access to faster and more efficient ways of dispute resolution.

The Mediation Center has been established within the “Serbia Pilot Court Mediation” project, implemented by Partners for Democratic Change Serbia, in cooperation with the Bar Association of Serbia, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia. This project, also obtained support of the Supreme Court of Cassation, Judicial Academy and Ministry of Justice, with the aim of increasing capacity of the pilot courts, Second Basic Court and Commercial Court in Belgrade, and Basic and High Court in Cacak, to refer more cases for resolution through mediation. Overall goal of the activities in the BA Cacak and the pilot courts is to increase efficiency of the judiciary, by resolving the existing and reducing the inflow of new court cases, through a more efficient use of mediation, before and during the court proceedings.

 Mediation is an efficient out-of-court dispute resolution method, where a third, independent and neutral person (the mediator), assists the parties in conflict to reach a mutually acceptable solution. Mediation can be used in different types of disputes, before and during the court proceedings, as well as during the appeal or enforcement process. In case a mediation agreement, the parties may be exempt from court filing fees, and the mediation agreement can have the force of an out-of-court settlement.

At the opening ceremony, the participants will be addressed by:

  • Representative of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia,
  • Representative of the Ministry of Justice of Serbia,
  • Judge Milos Pavlovic, President of the Cacak High Court,
  • Judge Natasa Lazovic, President of the Cacak Basic Court,
  • Dragoljub Djordjevic, President of the Serbian Bar Association,
  • Jasmina Milutinovic, President of the Cacak Bar Association, and
  • Blazo Nedic, Attorney-at-Law & Mediator, Partners for Democratic Change Serbia

Cocktail will be served, following the official ceremony.


Kindly confirm your attendance by 12:00, Wednesday, 19 April, by phone: 011/3231-551 or e-mail:, or to the Secretary of the Bar Association of Cacak by phone 032/227-142 or e-mail:

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