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Personal Data Protection Training for Social Care Institutions in Belgrade

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slika2Ana Toskic and Uros Misljenovic from Partners Serbia delivered personal data protection training for the staff of social care institutions.The training was organized on 25-26 April 2017 as a part of the project “Increase capacities of the Commissioner for Free Access to Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection”, implemented by the Commissioner with the support of the Kingdom of Norway.

The topics covered by the training were: the right to privacy, personal data protection legal framework in the Republic of Serbia, novelties introduced in this area by the General Data Protection Directive, as well as the specific sectoral provisions that govern confidentiality of social care activities and protection of personal data of social care beneficiaries. Possibilities for improving data protection measures in social care system were also discussed at the training, as well as the topics such as legal requirements for data disclosure to law enforcement agencies, other public institutions and corporate entities, balance between the right to know and the right to privacy, data anonymisation techniques, etc.

Five trainings within the same project were organized earlier, for representatives of the Ministry of Interior, public prosecutorial offices, ISP and telecommunication providers, representatives of various legal professions and staff of the health care institutions.

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