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PROJECT: Free Legal Aid for Refugees and IDPs

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BPPPartners Serbia are part of the international consortium led by European Consulting Group that implements the project “Promotion and Protection of Property Rights of IDPs, Refugees and Returnees upon Readmission Agreements”. The Project is funded by the European Union and it’s being implemented in cooperation with the Office for Kosovo and Metohija.

Within the project, free legal aid is provided to displaced people and people who have property rights in Kosovo and Metohija but due to their financial situation cannot afford legal representation or who cannot exercise their rights due to the limited access to the Kosovo legislation. A team of senior experts, junior experts and legal trainees working from six offices throughout Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija will be at their disposal working to provide them with adequate assistance. Services the office provides include offering legal advice, representation before courts in places of client’s origin, obtaining documentation from state institutions, as well as informing those in need on their rights.

Besides assisting clients, the Project is also working on a sustainability of legal aid for the people who have troubles getting legal representation. A team of young, talented lawyers, born in Kosovo and Metohija, Croatia or BiH, will work for the Legal Aid alongside the legal experts gaining a unique skills and experience which will enable them to continue working on preserving the rights of those in need. These lawyers, who will be trained in English as well, will gain the knowledge equal to the master program and will be registered with the Bar Association.

All news related to this Project are available HERE.

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