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PROJECT: Strengthening Capacities of the Network of Inspectors of Serbia

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Logo MINSIn February 2019, Partners Serbia, in cooperation with USAID Cooperation for Growth Project (CfG), began implementing the project “Strengthening Capacities of the Network of Inspectors of Serbia”. The overall goal of this Project is to improve the quality of inspection oversight and communication between inspectors and subject of the inspection oversight (most of all, SMEs), through strengthening the Network of Inspectors of Serbia (NIS, Association).

This 12-month Project envisages numerous activities, including:

  •  Analyzing administrative and training needs of the Associations’ members;
  • Designing E-newsletters with opinions and practical examples, not only regarding the problems inspectors are facing, but also presenting new ideas within the inspection oversight;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Annual Assembly of NIS;
  • Developing Associations’ Communication Strategy;
  • Training of Trainers (ToT);
  • 4 regional visits to exemplary inspections.

All of above mentioned activities are aimed at raising the administrative capacities of the Association, enhancing its policy and advocacy management capacities and increasing its visibility among inspectors and the general public. By the end of the Project, NIS will grow into the relevant partner to both state and private stakeholders in future regulatory reform processes in the country. All Project activities will be organized in cooperation with NIS.

 All news related to this Project is available HERE.

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