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Donations to Public Authority Bodies

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The Law Scanner, within the the Future of Freedom of Information in Serbia project, developed an analysis of Transparency about Donation to Public Authority bodies.

Public authority bodies can receive donations from citizens and business entities in goods, different types of services, money, securities as well as property and other rights, but not in tobacco and tobacco products, alcoholic drinks and passenger cars.

In 2016, it was revealed that the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy had requested and received a donation of two 30,000-euro cars from the Yura Corporation. Former employees and trade union representatives repeatedly filed complaints against working conditions at this company, but the Labor Inspectorate never reacted, which was brought into connection with the aforementioned donation. Not long after this case, owing to the mechanism of access to information of public importance, it was also revealed that the Belgrade Communal Police had received donations from multiple business entities, including a donation of 50 tablet computers from the Moj kiosk company.

What became topical as a result of those cases were the issues of justifiability of a legal possibility under which business entities could make donations to public authority bodies that should control their work, lack of transparency of data on the conclusion and implementation of donation contracts and lack of checks and balances in these procedures.

The analysis covers the legal framework in the field of donations in the Republic of Serbia, with a particular focus on the transparency of data relating to donations to public authorities. At the end of the analysis are recommendations addressed to Public authorities, civil society organizations, journalists and activists.

The Analysis can be downloaded HERE (.pdf).

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