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Call for Consulting Services

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Overview of the Partners Network 

The Partners Network is among the world’s leading organizations working to win the future of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and democratic change. As global thought leaders and local implementers, Partners Network centers are using their technical process expertise to help advise and solve local and regional conflicts; then—through the Network—leverage those successes to capture the imagination and engagement of their partners around the world.

By transforming the way leaders think about conflict, sharing values-driven processes, and working together, the Partners Network is achieving peacebuilding impacts on a massive scale, bending the curve of conflict-sensitive development toward a more engaged, accountable, and sustainable future.

The Network’s purpose is to ensure every member center can access the expertise it needs, share lessons learned, and integrate innovative ideas, tools, and methodologies developed by other centers (and colleague organizations and partners); as well as facilitate organic programmatic collaboration, the joint analysis of global issues, and coordinated advocacy activities.

The Network currently has 19 members, independent, non-for-profits in Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, Colombia, El Salvador, Georgia, Hungary, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Jordan, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, United States and Yemen. The founding member of the Network, based in Washington DC, PartnersGlobal, serves as a coordinator for the Network, working directly with a Liaison Group made up of 5 regional representatives of the member centers (two from Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.)

Network Strengthening Initiative 

After more than 30 years of history, in 2019 the Partners Network began working with the Peace Nexus Foundation on a network-strengthening initiative to refresh our mission and re-align our structure. During this process, Network members acknowledged that in order to be successful, members need to hold each other accountable and put into practice new ways of working together which will require some additional technical expertise and facilitation support. The Peace Nexus Foundation has approved a second network-strengthening grant to continue to solidify the new structure and uncover new practices for a 21st Century, highly functional and connected global network. 

Call for Consulting Services

The Partners Network seeks to hire the services of an expert consultant to accompany the Liaison Group to provide insights on the new frontiers of global networks, how to create the conditions for organic interactions for increasing cooperation, new rituals both in-person and on-line that further build connections, learning and collective action. In a time of creativity and innovation around virtual platforms for global mobilization, we are looking for a consultant to bring fresh ideas, energy and inspiration for what can be possible to change habits and entrenched ways of working; in addition to provide recommendations for any adaptations for our decision-making and governance processes to match these refreshed dynamics. This long-standing network is ready and willing to adapt and try new things to be more effective and achieve our shared goals with the right technical support.

Overview of Deliverables/Timeframe 

  1. Kick-off meeting with Liaison Group and Peace Nexus to define workplan/timeline (June-July)
  2. Short Assessment of Network’s Goals and Current Practices: 5 Virtual Regional Meetings with Network member (July-August)
  3. Recommendation Report of Best Practices in Highly Functional Global Networks, including digital tools and platforms, rituals, incentives for participation, collaboration principles, etc. (Sept)
  4. Develop Network Collaboration/Mobilization Improvement Plan with Liaison Group, including schedule of virtual workshops/trainings/facilitated discussions with Network members (Sept-Oct)
  5. Present Improvement Plan at Network Virtual Meeting in late October, conduct first workshop
  6. Conduct follow-up mentoring and accompaniment to Liaison Group to solidify new practices and tools (Nov – Dec)

Expected LOE: 25 days

Experience Required: Proven experience of working with innovative approaches for network governance and interaction. English Language required. Spanish and/or French are an asset.  Excellent facilitation and analytical skills.

Expressions of Interest:  Please submit a CV and Letter of Expression of Interest to by June 15, 2020.  Consultant will be contracted directly by the Peace Nexus Foundation.

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