Partners for Democratic Change Serbia


 Partners Serbia have developed extensive experience in providing mediation services, training and consulting regarding the use of mediation in resolving all types of disputes, as well as in providing support to institutions, from state authorities to enterprises, in establishing a system for providing mediation services to employees and customers. Within a project implemented in partnership with the World Bank, IFC, Partners Serbia have developed and conducted a comprehensive mediation training program for over 200 lawyers, in cooperation with bar associations of Belgrade, Nis, Cacak, Kragujevac and Vojvodina. Currently, Partners Serbia cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS), on providing support to the Center for Services and Mediation within CCIS in the implementation of consensual financial restructuring of companies, aiming to improve the business climate in the country. In cooperation with the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, and with the support of the EU Delegation in Serbia, Partners Serbia are implementing the program of promotion of mediation as an adequate method for resolving disputes in the area of discrimination, while in cooperation with the Association of Local Ombudsman of Serbia are developing the capacities of local ombudsmen to provide free mediation services for resolving disputes in the local community.

Partners Serbia also participated in the working group of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia for drafting the new law regulating the mediation procedure, and on the draft of the Law on Free Legal Aid.