Partners for Democratic Change Serbia

Areas of Work

 Important facts and milestones

  • Staff members of Partners Serbia are trained mediators licensed by the Serbian Ministry of Justice, and other organizations and have been participating in mediation projects and various trainings for the last 8 years   
  • Partners Serbia was the first organization in Serbia to receive formal accreditation by the Ministry of Justice for conducting foundation and specialized training of mediators in Serbia
  • Staff trained in mediation by the UK, US and leading EU experts and training institutions
  • Licensed attorneys, with legal experience in Serbia, the region and United Kingdom
  • Director of Partner Serbia is a JAMS Weinstein International Mediation fellow
  • Director of Partners Serbia is a Regional mediator of the World Bank Group for Serbia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, and Macedonia
  • Director of Partners Serbia is President of the Serbian National Association of Mediators
  • Members of the Serbian Government’s working groups, drafting the new Law on Mediation and Law on Free Legal Aid
  • Experienced trainers at domestic, regional and  international training events, seminars and conferences
  • Writing about mediation in domestic and international professional journals and publications
  • Partners Serbia has a contract with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce to provide mediation training for the SCC members, and has been providing these trainings since 2013
  • Partners Serbia developed a 4-level mediation training for lawyers (outreach, mediation advocacy skills, 5-day mediators training, advanced negotiation skills), and together with the Bar Association Academy is currently developing a mediation system tailored to the needs of Bar Associations
  • Partners Serbia established the first community mediation center in Serbia, trained its mediators and developed a specific case-management system
  • Partners Serbia built capacity of the State Commissioner for Anti-Discrimination and developed and delivered a specialized training for mediators and established mediation case-management system for discrimination cases
  • Partners Serbia built capacity of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and developed and delivered specialized training for mediators, and a new case-management system  of Institutional Mediation in Consensual Financial Restructuring of Commercial Companies in Serbia, including an IT system for tracking, monitoring and reporting on mediated cases
  • Partners Serbia has a roster of 8 mediators, and provides free legal aid, pro-bono and commercial mediation services in civil, commercial, labor, workplace, family, community,  discrimination, and other areas to various categories of users
  • Partners Serbia, together with the Judicial Academy of Serbia is developing a mediation-referral training program for judges in all trial level courts in Serbia
  • Partners Serbia has developed a unique E-learning platform that currently serves over 1000 attorneys and other legal professionals in Serbia
  • Partners Serbia is starting a regional project, funded by ABA ROLI, to build on-line training capacity of 5 national Bar Associations in the region (Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania). 
Change Management and Conflict Resoultion

Partners Serbia is the leader in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) through providing services of mediation, organizing and conducting training for the needs of private and public sector, by raising awareness about mediation as an alternative to court dispute settlement, aiming to strengthen capacities of communities.

Rule of Law

Partners Serbia support legal reforms through activities which contribute to formation of leaders and improvment of institutions, aiming to facilitate the access to justice and enable the use of international standards. By working on creating policies, law proposals and trainings, and throug cooperation with professional associations, Partners Serbia stand out bz providing direct support to the most significant actors in the judicial system.

Democracy and Human Rights

By conducting activities in the area of good management, prevention of corruption and fight against discrimination, Partners Serbia is developing initiatives and public policies, aiming to strengthen transparency in the work of government, by strengthening government institutions to act accordingly in relations to their communities and different social groups.

By recognizing challenges that non-governmental sector and groups in local communities are facing, Partners Serbia strive to promote capacities of civil society, aiming t organize (themselves) for joint lobbying, which contributes to the promotion of transparency and efficiency of work of governmental institutions.