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A large number of institutions, organizations and businesses collect and use data on their employees, beneficiaries, associates, and citizens in general, which is why they are exposed to risks in terms of privacy violations. Illegal use of personal data may be the result of negligence, ignorance, or misuse. Acting in accordance with the legal framework in the field of protection of privacy is not just a legal obligation, but it is also important from the point of view of maintaining business reputation, and often the protection of financial interests. Improving internal policies and procedures in the field of protection of privacy introduces clear rules and obligations of persons who use personal data in their work, which enables for a consistency between the equally legitimate interests of businesses or organizations to protect against threats to property and reputation, as well as natural person rights to privacy.

Partners Serbia has been dealing with legal regulations and organizing trainings in the field of personal data protection for more than 10 years.

The content and duration of trainings depend on the level of knowledge of the participants, the specifics of certain sectors, and the individual needs of the clients. Trainings can be organized to simply introduce participants with the legal framework in the field of privacy protection, ie management of internal data protection processes, or they can be adapted to specific sectors, such as marketing, financial services, health, education, etc.

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