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Serbian Anti-SLAPP Initiative – Strengthening the Civil Society and Media Resiliency


                                                                   Serbian Anti-SLAPP Initiative – Strengthening the Civil Society and Media Resiliency

The Overall Objective of the Action is to expand the space for civil society by improving the legal protection of civil right defenders (CRDs), activists, and media facing strategic litigations against public participation (SLAPPs). The following specific objectives are designed to support the achievement of this overall objective:

The Specific Objective 1: Support improvement of SLAPP-related legal framework and implementation of the existing legal framework. The intervention logic is based on the assumption that civil society should establish its anti-SLAPP platform, and engage in dialogue with competent authorities to improve the SLAPP-related legal framework and its implementation. To do so, the Action envisages a blend of research and advocacy efforts, which include the production of a baseline and a follow-up analysis on the state of the art of SLAPPs, a variety of policy proposals, and a series of meetings and events with decision makers and judicial professionals.

The Specific Objective 2: Strengthen the role of civil society in providing support to CRDs, activists, and media when they are exposed to SLAPPs. The intervention logic is designed to address the fact that activists, media, and CRDs at the local level have so far been exposed to intimidation and SLAPPs the most and that current networks of support against SLAPPs at the local level are weak. Therefore, Action envisages a series of campaigns conducted by local organizations, which will enable them to become anti-SLAPP hubs in their communities. To do so, these organizations will be supported through a subgrant scheme, while the competency of local attorneys affiliated with local CSOs to represent clients against SLAPPs will be ensured through a capacity-building programme. Also, the Action envisages legal support to victims of SLAPPs, silencing, intimidation, and harassment, in coordination with the subgrantees.

The Specific Objective 3: Increase understanding of the general public on the damages to their human rights arising from SLAPPs. To achieve this objective, the intervention logic is designed to raise awareness of the general public on how SLAPPs against CRDs, media, and activists hurt their interests as well. It also strengthens ties between SLAPP victims and their respective local constituencies. Keeping the topic high on the agenda throughout an extended period of time – through a documentary, public debates, and promotional activities, the Action will increase understanding of the SLAPP, sensitize the public, and generate their support, which is crucial for resilience of civil rights defenders, and for improving the overall environment for safe practicing of the freedom of expression and assembly.

This project is financed by European Union.


Serbian Anti-SLAPP Initiative – Strengthening the Civil Society and Media Resiliency