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Guide to Consensual Financial Restructuring of Companies

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Editors: Catherine Bridge Ana Toskić

Authors: Luka Andrić Branko Radulović Milan Stefanović Marko Brežančić Gordon W. Johnson Blažo Nedić

Published by: Partners for Democratic Change Serbia

For the Publisher: Blažo Nedić

Design and layout: Stefan Ignjatović

Print: Manuarta, Belgrade

Copies: 500

This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in connection with its technical assistance project in support of implementation of the Consensual Financial Restructuring Law. The contents of this publication are intended to serve as a general guide to the possible options available to users of consensual financial restructuring and do not constitute either legal or financial advice. Any person considering employing the guidance set out in this publication must obtain and rely on its own legal and/or financial advice as to the suitability and validity of such guidance and may not rely upon the contents of this publication.

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