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New Lectures on the Regional Platform

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A new, regional E-learning platform has been set up within the Regional E-learning Program, which Partners Serbia are conducting with the support of the Balkan Regional Rule of Law Network (BRRLN), and in the partnership with the Bar Association of Serbia and the Bar Association of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Platform is free of charge, available at any time and in any place to all interested advocates, advocate trainees and other interested legal experts from the region. After the completion of the Project, it will remain active and will be used as a tool for CLE of advocates and advocate trainees in the region.

You can register HERE.

At the moment, 9 lectures are available on the Platform, including the 3 new lectures:

  • Ruzica Nikolovska – “The Importance of Use and Interpretation of the ECtHR Judgments and their Application in National Court Proceedings by Lawyers, Trainees and Lawyer’s Professional Associates”;
  • Nedzad Babic and Vlado Adamovic – “The Presumption of Innocence – The Practical Use of In Dubio Pro Reo Principle”;
  • Albens Tabaku – “Reasoning Insufficiency of the Court Decisions and the Violation of Equality of Arms Standard in Process; The Difference between Typical Court Decisions and the de Plano Decisions”.
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