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PS Participated at the International Commercial Mediation Conference

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15369072_1762001567395140_2985140954001471450_o (1)Ana Toskic, Partners Serbia Executive Director, and Blazo Nedic, President of the Management Board of the organization, spoke at the International Commercial Mediation Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, organized on 9th December, 2016. Having in mind that Turkey adopted its legal framework for use of mediation in civil disputes, and that the implementation of this ADR mechanism is just developing in the country, the goal of the conference was to present comparative experiences and examples of good practices. The conference was attended by around 600 participants who had a chance to hear about mediation practices and experiences in Belarus, Italy, France, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia and United Kingdom.

Blazo Nedic spoke about the increasing need for us of mediation in solving commercial disputes, especially having in mind the court backlog. He also spoke about the role of lawyers in mediation, and presented some examples from his practice where use of mediation prevented a long and expensive court procedure.

Ana Toskic spoke about the role of the mediation service providers in promoting and improving the use of this ADR mechanism. She also presented the work of Partners Serbia in establishing and supporting mediation services schemes, and emphasized the importance of constant promotion of mediation among companies, lawyers, bar associations, chambers of commerce, and general public.

The Conference was organized as a part of the project “Improving Access to Justice in Turkey through ADR Mechanisms”, supported by the United Kingdom Embassy in Turkey.

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