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Raising Capacities of the Network of Inspectors of Serbia

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DSC_0087Within the project “Strengthening Capacities of the Network of Inspectors of Serbia”, that Partners Serbia is implementing in cooperation with the Network of Inspectors of Serbia (NIS), with the support of USAID Cooperation for Growth (CfG) Project, from April 3 to April 7 2019, a five-day strategic planning was organized in Vrnjacka Banja, which was attended by 26 members of the NIS management.

The trainers at this event, which was the first in a series of project activities, were Radmila Radic Dudic, expert in strategic planning, Milan Stefanovic and Dusan Radovanovic, experts in the field of administrative law and inspection oversight, and Milena Beric, communications expert.

The participants had the opportunity to, through lectures and numerous practical workshops, learn about how to determine the values, mission and vision of an association, how to organize inspections, learn about advocacy and lobbying, as well as the issue of how they can have an impact of changes in legislation in their field. The topics included, among others, analyzing relevant stakeholders, communication strategies, defining the goals of the organization, fundraising, etc. During the third day, the results of the Analysis of Training Needs of NIS members, developed based on the results of a survey conducted in March, were presented. All the details of the research were presented by Mila Pejcic, a monitoring and evaluation specialist at the USAID CfG. Ana Toskic, the Executive Director of Partners Serbia, spoke about project financing and finding potential donors.

The overall objective of this Project is to improve the quality of inspection oversight and promote communication between inspectors and subjects of inspection oversight, by strengthening the Network of Inspectors of Serbia (NIS, Association). Within this one-year project, a series of activities will be conducted, aimed at strengthening the administrative and management capacities of NIS, building their capacities for management and advocacy, but also to provide the Association with greater visibility among inspectors, and also presenting it to the general public.

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